Boneheadz is proud to be a partner in the piqlFilm-GO project. This project is supported by the EU H2020 program and will upscale and mature the production of a breakthrough, long term data storage medium, that guarantees future accessibility and removes the need for migration.

Read more.  (link to: https://www.piql.com/eu-support/piqlfilm-go/)


As our Horizon 2020 project, piqlFilm-GO aims to upscale and commercialise our manufacturing for ultra-secure storage and long-term preservation of digital data while working to mature the production of our eternal data carrier, piqlFilm. 

This project will ultimately finetune and enhance the technology to enable rapid production and maturation of piqlFilm.

Founder and Managing Director of Piql, Rune Bjerkestrand, said that the support of the EU has been invaluable.


“We are proud to be recognised as one of Europe’s most innovative companies and these projects will enable us to mature our services for the benefit of existing and future clients,’ he said. 

“Such a project is only made possible with our solid and innovative relationships with partner film producers Filmotec and Inoviscoat in Germany, and boneheadz, an IT and media system integrator in Slovakia.’ 

With its long-standing experience as digital system integrator and excellent contacts of the management to the markets, boneheadz will be the end-point of the whole piqlFilm improvement process. It will use all the knowledge and work results of other project members to test and ultimately validate the film reels – the medium for the long term digital data preservation. The envisaged products and services will be tested and ultimately validated with well-respected end-clients across Europe as well as internationally. Thanks to that, boneheadz will be able to offer interactive feedback to Piql, Filmotec and InnovisCoat.