NAB 2019 is almost here, and with it a lot of content to be discussed! Register for special classes provided by our partner FilmLight, which is attending the event with it`s powerful industry speakers. Do not miss out on this opportunity and register yourself!  


We are delighted to invite you to attend FilmLights Color day at NAB2019

Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas. Monday April 8.

Leading colorists present their individual journeys in color, as well as the creative hints and tips they have honed over successful careers – all live on Baselight…

This intensive day of live presentations and practical discussions is designed to give colorists, DoPs and the wider production and post industry access to the practices of renowned creatives, who trust the exceptional color management and finishing toolset in Baselight to help them create a beautiful grade, while navigating the challenges of modern color finishing and delivery.

Each session will run for an hour, including a Q&A at the end.

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Details of Masterclasses to attend:

Fernando Medellin
Colorist, Oxido, Mexico

10:30-11:30      Register »

At Oxido in Mexico, Fernando Medellin grades commercials, features and television: he recently graded dailies for Alfonso Cuarón on the Oscar-nominated Roma

In this exclusive session, Fernando talks about his collaborative creative work with the director and DoP on set. He also explains his grading approach on high-end commercials and his work on the upcoming HDR Netflix show Monarca.

Doug Delaney
Senior Colorist, Technicolor, LA

12:00-13:00      Register »

Doug Delaney, senior colorist at Technicolor, started his career in VFX before specialising in digital intermediate finishing.

Most recently, he worked on Captain Marvel and is talking about the experience and his approach using Baselight v5.

Andrea Chlebak
Senior Colorist, Deluxe’s Encore in Hollywood

14:00-15:00      Register »

Andrea Chlebak is a senior colorist at Deluxe’s Encore in Hollywood, handling features, episodics and documentaries. Her recent credits include award-winning indie productions Mandy and Prospect, Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium and Chappie.

At the show, Chlebak is talking about how she works with directors and cinematographers to enhance the narrative through color.

Laura Jans Fazio
Senior Colorist, Deluxe’s Encore in Hollywood

14:00-15:00      Register »

Laura Jans Fazio has worked at many of the big name facilities in both NYC and LA before her current role as lead colorist at Deluxe’s Encore in Hollywood. She has worked on many hugely popular episodic TV series, including House of CardsMr RobotHawaii Five-OProof and Empire.

Laura has just finished the 2nd season of Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, and is ideally placed to talk about grading for SDR and HDR on the same project.

Daniele Siragusano & Andy Minuth
FilmLight Color Experts

15:30-17:00      Register »

Andy Minuth explains next-generation tools for colour grading and spatial shaping and why the colorist community has adopted them, while Daniele Siragusano will focus on the first principles of natural colors and texture including the fundamental differences between the real world and modern HDR wide gamut image reproduction.

This technical session gets deeper into the management of color spaces.
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Main image:
Captain Marvel, graded by Doug Delaney at Technicolor
Prospect, graded by Andrea Chlebak at Deluxe’s Encore in Hollywood
Hawaii Five-O, graded by Laura Jans Fazio at Deluxe’s Encore in Hollywood
Herradura, graded by Fernando Medellin at Oxido
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