Artists - we're dedicating this one to you! With Shotgun 8, we’re embarking on a mission to rebuild the artist experience from the ground-up. This marks our first step towards a whole new generation of tools designed and built specifically for the needs of artists.

In a world of growing production demands and endlessly shifting creative decisions, managing workload, keeping track of which tasks are most pressing, and planning for work coming down the pipe can quickly become a juggling act. Shotgun 8 aims to improve the artist experience with updates that reduce interruptions to creative flow and facilitate a rich feedback loop with reviewers.

This first version of Shotgun Create provides the fundamental features artists and reviewers need to see work priorities, view work in progress, and establish a rich feedback loop. Customers can expect more to be added on a continual basis over the coming months though. We invite them to try Shotgun Create early and share their feedback with the Shotgun team, to influence the direction of Shotgun Create so that it suits their needs.

Highlights in this first version of Shotgun Create include:

  • High quality media playback and annotation
  • Streamlined task views for artists and reviewers
  • Centralized task history
  • Creative tool integration

 For more in-depth look, please visit "Introducing Shotgun 8 - Dedicated to Artists