Telestream is happy to announce new cloud connectors that will enable hybrid workflows with the release of Vantage 7.2.

A new “Cloud Speech” action in Vantage will connect with Telestream Cloud to allow for the creation of timed transcripts for use in captioning workflows. 

That’s right – timed transcripts can now be created automatically within automated captioning workflows.

A new “Cloud QC” action for checking the quality of media files has also been added to Vantage 7.2, allowing for QC with a consumption-based pricing model to be initiated from within a Vantage workflow.

In addition to new connectors, we have added native support for Microsoft Azure Blob storage to go along with Amazon S3 and Google Cloud, as well as a new Fast Upload API in Cloud actions to make the integration within Vantage smoother and faster. 

Additional improvements:

-New Camera Ingest features

-New Traffic Manager features

-New Vantage Framework features

-100+ minor feature updates and bug fixes


Read the full release notes for more information about the new features and improvements, and visit the Customer Center to download the update.