DRS™NOVA v4 New Release

NOTE: v4 will require a new license key. If you are currently under an Upgrades and Support Contract, simply contact us for your key at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and download the v4 installer from our forum:

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Stabilize Automatically

Stabilize images automatically with a single button click


Eliminate zonal flicker with a simple to use interface

Split Screen & Side by Side Mode

Compare two different clips with a split screen controlled by mouse wheel or side by side view

DRS™ Replace

Create up to 3 frames from adjoining frames

DRS™ Color

Ability to change color of fix created in DRS™ Tool

Performance – Improved

DPX, TIFF, EXR playback performance

Paint - Alternate Clip

Paint from one clip to another to restore original values

Version Export

Export modified version files created from source files including all modified and non modified source frames, thereby preserving original source frames

Mask – Improved

New visual feedback for border width